Youtube Converter - Version 2.0

Welcome to our new youtube converter. With this new youtube converter you don’t need an account anymore to convert songs. All songs that you convert will be saved on our database no matter if you are logged in or not. Beside this we also made an improvement to our converter itself. From now on you’re able to convert up to 10 songs each time! The songs will be converted on the background so once you submit your convert it will be directly visible and after 30 seconds the songs will work!

As this converter is new and we even tested it many times (over 200 times)… Please report any bug or exploit you find! So we can fix it and improve CIT2 Radio more!

Uploaded songs

Metallica – Master of Puppets
Mero – Baller los
Emre – Pobre
Anne Marie – 2002
Dua Lipa – New Rules (Remix)
ellie – something in the way you move
ellie – love me like you do
Lovely – Marshmellow
Motorhead – Thunder and Lighting
ellie – love me like you do no voice
Marian Hill – I want you
Agnes Obel – The Curse
la casa – la 2
human – human
bebe – Tu Silencio
Virlan Garcia – En Donde Esta Tu Amor
katy – part of me
Two Feet – Love is a bitch
Marian Hill – I want you
BATU ft. King Nate – Füll mein Glas
Ferat – Zülfü Kaküllerin Amber Misali
Thu Struts – Body Talks
Eminem – Lucky you
ellie – burn
Retron – Seninle yenilendim
justin – beauty and a beat
Thu Struts – Body Talks
arinan – side to side
Luciano – Hayate
Capital – Benzema
Vandebo – KO
Michel – Jakson
Eminem – Lucky you (Audio)
ellie – light
Neşet Ertaş – Yalan dünya
El Fantasma – En el camino